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Who is better Lily Allen or Amy Winehouse.?

Please answer I like Lily more.Amy is so ugly I asked my aunt who she liked better and she said,%26quot;Is Amy Winehouse the one with the hair that looks like a beehive. That was very,very funny.

Who is better Lily Allen or Amy Winehouse.?
I like Lily
Reply:They both suck!
Reply:I like Amy better. I like both of their music but Lily is really annoying and does really stupid stuff.
Reply:I like Amy Winehouse more just because I%26#039;m not really all that familiar with Lily Allen%26#039;s music. I love Amy Winehouse%26#039;s unique sense of style and voice, though.
Reply:Amy Winehouse and I like her songs
Reply:actaully lilly allen!!... im sry but amy winehouse songs are so depressing lol!!
Reply:Amy Winehouse. Her voice is soulful and her tatoos are awesome fulicious.
Reply:Lily Allen
Reply:I like Lilly Allen better. Her music is better.

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HELP!! My peace lily quit blooming!!?

I have a peace lily I was given 3 years ago. It has a lot of sentimental value to me. It started blooming great big blooms, and they%26#039;ve gotten smaller and smaller and now there are none. I have it in the place of the house it prefers (a bright bathroom) and I let it droop a little before I water it. I fertilize with houseplant fertilizer. What am I doing wrong?

HELP!! My peace lily quit blooming!!?
Hi all Just to let you know that in order for Spathyphilly (Peace Lily) to blossum, the plant must be totally pot bound to the point where only roots are visible when taken out of the pot. When bought the plants are always pot bound and when they end thier flower cycle, they need to be potted into the next size pot. Remember also that they really do not like to be fertilized. If you live in an area with a lot of sun, a tiny bit of organics may not cause salt burn, but as we near the shorter days, fertilizer burn is a major factor for discoloring the tips of the leaves.
Reply:You know,I have one that I got a good 2 years ago and ever since we have had it,it has never bloomed. I was a little confused too because we got another one around the same time that had many beautiful blooms and it still blooms to this day.The one that blooms we keep by a window in the back of our home where it gets sunlight all the time. Mine get a little droopy too before I water it.Is it a big plant or a little plant? If it is larger you may need to replant it to a bigger pot or change its soil.Also look it up on the internet...there r alot of good help out there...or get a plant book from the library also. Im sorry I cant help more :-(
Reply:I would separate it into two clumps and repot them in some good rich dirt, then give them some coffee grounds and eggs shells mixed in, I%26#039;d also give them a little rooting hormone for good measure and a bit of liquid plant food, not fertilizer, depending on how they were adapting after the move.
Reply:My Gram was the plant person IM NOT lol but i found you a few links you might find something usefull or maybe you can contact one from the post.....

Maybe more light or less water?????
Reply:It probably needs more light. How about setting it in bright light near a window. I use to have several on a porch and they did great.
Reply:unlike outdoor plants a topical foliage plant has limited space. The soil does not get replenished with nutrients so you need to change the soil approx. every year. I do it in the winter time. anyway your peace lilly probably should be put in a larger pot so the roots have plenty of room to spread out. then give it plenty of su but not full sun. you will burn it. foliage plants grow on the floor of tropical forest so filtered light is best. You may even want to divide your peace lilly and have 2. It could have just out grown itself. if you repot it check to see if it was root bound, if so gently loosen up the root system before you repot. don%26#039;t forget to water real well after. hope I helped


Miley and Liliana (Lily) for the babie's names?

ok, both my step-mom and my step-sister are pregnant at the same time. my step sis is having a girl and is going to name her Miley Victoria. my step-mom likes the name Liliana (nn Lily) Shane if hers is a girl and my 9 yo twin sisters couldn%26#039;t be more thrilled that their niece and little sis are gonna be named after Hannah Montana characters (believe me, that was not the intent). by the time these 2 girls reach middle school, will people make fun of them for having these names (considering a lot of teens now consider Hannah Montana to be really childish and stupid)? should i try to convince them to pick other names (not that i%26#039;d be much of an influence anyway..........)?

Miley and Liliana (Lily) for the babie%26#039;s names?
I do agree with someone from above who said that when these little girls reach their tweens Hannah Montana will probably have passed, but I could be wrong. Look at the Olsen twins, they were really big for the longest time and still kind of are; but I don%26#039;t hear much about them now, which is probably a good thing.

As for the names that your step- mom and sis have chosen, I think that they are nice. Miley is different, and not a name that you hear all too often (as you can read from others comments.) Liliana is nice, and I have always liked Lilly. For the middle names, I like old names so Victoria works for me. People name their daughter masculine names all the time and they give sons feminine names too!

As for not seeing Miley as a professional name, what about the people that name their children Nevaeh? Uh, hell, Dr. Nevaeh? And you never call a doctor by their first name, at least I don%26#039;t. Please, don%26#039;t even worry about not having a professional name.

I wouldn%26#039;t try and convince them to change the names they have picked. I like them
Reply:I%26#039;ve known the name Miley with a different spelling for a LOOOONG time before Hannah Montana came around. And Miley isn%26#039;t her real name, it%26#039;s Destiny Hope (Miley%26#039;s her nickname after smiley, given by her parents).

But I would consider spelling it differently -- maybe Mylee, or Mileigh or Myalee...

Lily is fine, that%26#039;s been around, too -- and she%26#039;s using Liliana. I wouldn%26#039;t worry about that.
Reply:i had a dog named miley and do not consider it a proper name for a person.miley cyruss real name is destiny hope,i remember when she was born.she should have stayed with that or a better nick name.i do not care for victoria as it is stuck up sounding,just my opinion.i do not like lilana i prefer either lily or lilith and shane is a boys name .here are some other ideas----

aubrey denise

lily jane

savannah rose

miranda sue

anya renee

megan elise

i hope i helped.good luck.
Reply:I doubt the reference to Miley and Lily will come into play here; by the time the girls are old enough to be in school, the popularity of HM will probably have passed. And I have to agree with some above me; I cannot picture a woman named Miley in a professional position. I can only see a 10 year old girl. Lilliana is nice though, and I%26#039;ve always been fond of Lily for a name or nickname.

As for Shane, I think its too masculine for a girl. Spelling it %26#039;Shayne%26#039; just makes it seem as if the mother was uneducated and thought that would be a better spelling. %26#039;Shayne%26#039; does not feminize the name %26quot;Shane%26quot;. The pronunciations are the same, so why misspell it if you must use it?
Reply:I%26#039;m certain this has already been touched on, but Miley is merely the NICKNAME of Mr. Cyrus%26#039; daughter -- from the literal word %26quot;smiley,%26quot; of course -- so besides teens already thinking the show/character childish, ADULTS tend to find it equally contrived, immature and lower-class. Add in the association with the girl%26#039;s given name (Destiny Hope), which most will tell you comes across as equally corny and lower-class, and you have a name that manages to seem nothing but juvenile, trashy and not fitting anyone over the age of two.

If she%26#039;s set on it, there%26#039;s little you can do to help the poor child, but you might at least suggest using it as a nickname for some more respectable option. For example, perhaps something like Emilia, Camille, Mila, Milena, Michaela, Millicent -- dare to dream, but I doubt her taste would delve this deep ;) -- or even popular Emily would appeal? If so, you can %26quot;helpfully%26quot; point out that this way she would get to use TWO names she likes ... the formal name and cutesy nickname version. LOL Who knows?! It might work. ;)

Liliana -- and all the Lily and -ana names, to be frank -- is quite a common choice at the moment, so I doubt many will immediately association that one with the childish series. ;) Now if they were to be TWINS ... well that might be a different story entirely. LOL But yes, little %26quot;Lily%26quot; should be fairly safe.

Good luck, by the way!
Reply:Well I would advise against Shane, simply because it is primarily a masculine name. I think a persons name should be a CLEAR indication of their gender, and it would probably get annoying having to correct people all the time.

As for Miley ...well, I honestly never even heard of that name till Hannah Montana (a lot of naming websites don%26#039;t even have it listed) and I think the associations are too strong there. Would you consider suggesting the name Milly to her? It%26#039;s very similar in sound and spelling, and it could also be a nickname for lots of other names.

Liliana, on the other hand, is a beautiful name that I can find nothing wrong with.

So yeah, Shane is a no-go for me.
Reply:I have never heard the name Miley, but wouldn%26#039;t want that for a girl. However, Liliana is a lovely name and I%26#039;d choose it anyway. Shane is a boy%26#039;s name however, so I hope it%26#039;s a family name.
Reply:The name Liliana is pretty. The name Miley, not so much. I can picture an adorable 2 - 10 year old, but I can only picture the name MILEY engraved on a Shop Rite nametag, not a Dr. Miley.
Reply:no i dont think so because by the time there up in the middle school it will be done with.
Reply:i like liliana shayne

but im not a fan of the name miley... Victoria Miley

Hailey Victoria sounds better
Reply:miley is an ugly name .sure its cute for a little girl but imagine her when shes 30 with that name . eww
Reply:I love the name Liliana and wanted it for my daughter when I was pregnant. Who cares if they%26#039;re Hannah Montana characters? Most people don%26#039;t and by the time those girls get to middle school, Hannah Montana will be over.
Reply:I like the name Lily...


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Could new red lily be causing algae?

I have a 35 gal freshwater tank and recently dropped a couple of red lily plant bulbs in. One has bloomed beautifuly and the other has started. A couple of days ago I noticed a green algae growing on the tank glass and even on some stones. It%26#039;s not like the normal %26quot;fine%26quot; algae I%26#039;ve had that comes off easily with my magnet cleaner. It%26#039;s larger and %26quot;thicker%26quot;. Could the plants be the cause or something else? I do have a plecostomus. Also, is it ok for the fish if I leave the light on all the time?

Could new red lily be causing algae?
the algae is growing because you leave the light on all the time. 8 hours a day should be sufficient. 12 hours maximum. it sounds more like it might be some kind of moss growing and not algae. it wouldn%26#039;t have anything to do with your bulbs unless there was a piece in the package with them.
Reply:Do not leave the light on all the time, the fish need to rest too and it is a waste of electricity. That also encourages algae to grow! The lilies have nothing to do with the algae growing on the tank and the plec should be able to take care of the algae unless its %26quot;spot%26quot; algae in which case you need to scrub it off yourself-even a really tough plec would find it hard to get rid of it.
Reply:The plants didn%26#039;t directly cause the algae growth but some fertilizer could have come in with the plants that would contribute. Also spores of a new species of algae could have come in with the plant and that would be why you are seeing a new algae growing in the tank. I think the majority of the answer may rest in your last questions though. Excess light will cause algae to grow in the tank as well as stress your fish. You should go for 10-12 hours of light per day. That will provide a good balance for your fish and plants and you should see the algae start to die off soon.


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What does the lily fruit look like?

I dissected a lily with my students to talk about the sexual reproduction of perfect flowers. I want to know what the ovary looks like as it grows into a fruit, and what the final fruit looks like. Is it a dry fruit? Also, do all of the ovules become seeds in the fruit? A link to pictures or videos would be most helpful. Thanks!

What does the lily fruit look like?

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What's the Lily flowers?the original place? the types?

i want to know all the information about lily flowers, whether they are perfumed or not,what%26#039;s the common colors................etc

What%26#039;s the Lily flowers?the original place? the types?
Lily plants are native to North America and Asia and Europe. In 1925, we began breeding them into a wide variety of new colors and forms. They are mainly white to cream to yellow to orange and sometimes red, purple or green.

some smell very good, like the %26quot;Easter Lily%26quot;

and some get very tall; they are usually 4-9 feet tall, and there is even a tree that grows flowers like a lily. it grows 20 feet tall and ten feet wide, the flowers are white and smell good.

To grow a lily plant you want rich and moist soil that has been %26quot;worked%26quot; to a depth of one foot at least. The plant likes it%26#039;s roots to be cool and it%26#039;s flowers to have a little sun. A little shade is okay, but not complete shade all day. It will grow in all zones (but the tree can%26#039;t take the freezes well).
Reply:there are hundreds of types of lilies, so you%26#039;ll have to be more specific. There are %26quot;real%26quot; lilies (genus Lilium), other members of the lily family plus a bunch of other lily-like things that are called lilies. Start with this page:
Reply:What kind of lilies? I grow day lilies and they are all colors. I have some pictures on my web site which is blog

What size vases for calla lily centerpieces??

Want to buy vases on ebay. Wanted to do calla lily centerpiece like the pictures below. Need to know how tall the vases should be (and not distracting during dinner conversation).

My options are:

Trumpet vases - 12%26quot;, 15%26quot; or 19%26quot; tall

I like the 15%26quot; b/c the price is good, but am concerned that with the calla lilies added may make the arrangement in a way of dinner conversation. I measured it and the height with calla lilies may be 25-30 inches, but are my calculations off?? Has anyone experienced calla lilies as centerpieces or these sizes of vases?

What size vases for calla lily centerpieces??
The height of the centerpiece can be controlled by cutting the stems of the liy (remember the go inside the vase.)

Another option is to have the bulk of the bouquet higher than the conversation level so your 25-30 inches would be ok.